mycelium CS

Mycelium* is a creative studio working at the intersection of strategic foresight & research, both in France and Germany.

We help clients to have an informed vision of their possible futures. And we draw the ramifications to get there, along with the right nutrients.

Like a mycelium.


How we work:

We research long term societal changes and today and tomorrow’s cultural pressure points.

We work as knowledge brokers. We believe that our more and more specialised world needs brokers, translators and bridge builders who can act in several fields to move visions and innovations forward.

We act as an interface between our clients and our network of thinkers, researchers, poets, scientists, and artists.


We build the team you need to move forward. By inhabiting spaces between knowledge domains we are capable of casting a wide net over multiple topics.
Like artists do.

What makes us different?
Mycelium creative studio’s approach to foresight research is unique as we use the thinking processes and methodologies of today’s artists. We take up topics quickly and in depth. We make connections off the beaten track. We’re ok to go where no one went before.

Who we are:
The Mycelium’s network is articulated by Valerie Chartrain, a Berlin-based foresight researcher & strategist.

Based on the model of an artist studio working on different fields, our always recombined teams -if a team is necessary- provides versality, efficiency and no routine. Teams are defined on a per project basis.

Everything we do is tailored made.
We operate out of Paris and Berlin. We work in English, French and German.

mycelium cs

What we do well:
Mycelium works best with innovation or foresight departments and in-house future oriented starts-ups.

Mycelium thrives in unknown territories of foresight.

content strategy
creation & delivery



content strategy & curation
foresight writer
organisation of lectures series

talent & profile identification
contemporary art collaboration…


foresight research



scenario workshops
desk, visual and field research
foresight projects lead or management

bespoke strategic foresight reports
inspiration journey…


Our clients and references:

BIG, Pernod Ricard, Cravan, Selezione Aurea, Destille Berlin, Das Korn, CNES/Space’ibles, GERPA, niche berlin, Fictions, art berlin, … ask for our portfolio!

mycelium cs


* The mycelium is the root network of a fungus. It is invisible but indispensable. It acts as interface between plant roots and nutrients. It feeds the fungus and its environment, in a mutually beneficial relationship. It works beyond borders.
This is a timely metaphor for a studio aiming at connecting people to create solid joint vision and renew thinking processes. 
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