The Mycelium’s network is orchestrated by me, Valerie Chartrain, a Berlin-based foresight researcher & cultural strategist.

Foresight is at the same time an academic discipline (which exists at the margin or under the umbrella of other disciplines depending on the country), methodologies and a state of mind. It is most effective when it combines collective intelligence in a mix of profiles and talents. That's why Mycelium reach out to additional expertise when the need arises. 

This network allows Mycelium to find the right format, the right deliverable, the right answer.


Mycelium's team:

Ana Briceño: Visual Communication focusing on Storytelling, Illustration and Design.
Cate Czerwinski : Scrum expert, Design thinking, Human-centered design, Workshop facilitation
Cyrielle Jeannot : Data visualization
Hélène Pouille : Sketch artist, visual facilitation
Maria Gysi : Motion design
Patricia Reed : Graphic, web and exhibition design
Rosa Berndt : Research and scenario techniques
Delhia Dondain: Graphic design

.... and many artists, art critics and curators.

Everything Mycelium does is custom-made.

Mycelium operates from Paris and Berlin.

Mycelium works in English, French and German.

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