The Mycelium’s network is orchestrated by me, Valerie Chartrain, a Berlin-based foresight researcher & cultural strategist.

Foresight is at the same time an academic discipline (which exists at the margin or under the umbrella of other disciplines depending on the country), methodologies and a state of mind. It is most effective when it combines collective intelligence in a mix of profiles and talents. That's why I reach out to additional expertise when the need arises. 

This network allows me to find the right format, the right deliverable, the right answer.


Everything I do is custom-made.

I operate from Paris and Berlin.

I work in English, French and German.

I work in particular with

Ana Briceño: Visual Communication focusing on Storytelling, Illustration and Design.
Cate Czerwinski : Scrum expert, Design thinking, Human-centered design, Workshop facilitation
Cyrielle Jeannot : Data visualization
Hélène Pouille : Sketch artist, visual facilitation
Maria Gysi : Motion design
Patricia Reed : Graphic, web and exhibition design
Rosa Berndt : Research and scenario techniques

.... and many artists, art critics and curators.

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