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Various projects have led us to spend more time in the following fields, lately:

  • Space (commercialization, moon habitat, resources, tourism, leisure)
  • Museums institutions (purpose and strategy reorientation)
  • Alcoholic beverages (and non alcoholic alternatives)

And what is your topic?

Working with

Art Berlin 

BIG - Pernod Ricard 



Fondation Ricard


jose garcia ,mx

Space’ibles by CNES (centre national d'études spatiales)

ESA (European Space Agency)

FoCDR (Friends of Career Discussion Roundtable)


Mycelium works best with

  • foresight departments,
  • future laboratories,
  • public institutions,
  • public policymakers,
  • foundations,
  • think tanks.

Mycelium aims at helping build common futures and a certain idea of living together.

When you scroll further down, you will find some case studies of projects for which Mycelium has provided its expertise. Several projects are confidential, so we have chosen to not be exhaustive.

Previous projects (selection)

SPACE’IBLES by CNES (2021-2023)

Scenario workshop concept and moderation “Leisure and space tourism in 2050”

  • Foresight research
  • Horizon Scanning
  • Scenario Workshops
  • Strategic Foresight
  • Moderation
  • Foresight writing

For Space'ibles Mycelium carried out research in the field of leisure and space tourism in the horizon 2050+. This research has been the basis for the elaboration of scenarios and concrete recommendations from the workshop participants in June 2023. This research session, the third of this think tank -observatory of space foresight-, brought together both actors of the space sector and new ones. The scenarios became videos, which are accessible here.

ESA (2022)

Participation to the High Level Strategic Group

  • Public speaking

In 2022, Mycelium was invited to discuss the contributions of strategic foresight methods with ESA's High-Level Advisory Group on European manned exploration.

CNES (2020-2021)

Scenario workshop concept and moderation “Resources and Energy, Impact and Use on the Moon in 2050”

  • Scenario Workshops
  • Strategic Foresight
  • Moderation/Facilitation
  • France
  • Germany

In June 2020, France and Germany expressed the wish to elaborate a joint strategic foresight work in the field of space activities, the first focus of which would address lunar resources. The innovation of this project resided in the diversity of the participants, traditional and not traditional space actors -including space agencies, academia, industry and start-ups- as well as the attempt to co-develop the tools which would help producing French-German foresight work in the long run. Mycelium co-elaborated an ad hoc scenario building methodology and moderated the several workshops leading to concrete recommendations to the both agencies in June 2021.

ISIT (2023)


  • Seminar

During the first semester of the 2023-2024 academic year, Mycelium intervened at ISIT, a leading international interpreting and translation school attached to Assas University. The seminar introduced students to the tools and methods of strategic foresight. The idea of the seminar was also to present how having a pro-active mindset towards the future enables a better ability to react and evolve professionally. 

FO CDR (2023)

Future Lab

  • Future literacy

With Pierre Golbach from Sensemakers Collective, we created and facilitated a Future Lab for Matthias Will, director for Research & Innovation of the Common Implementation Centre at the European Commission, Jesus Guerrero, Chief, Management and Communication Unit at the Centre for Learning and Multilingualism from United Nations Office and the friends of CDR- the topic was the future of international public service: exploring possible futures, rendering the implicit explicit, imagining the unknown, and helping to bridge back to today.

Gerpa (2018)

French German Foresight Research

  • Research
  • Interview
  • Delphi
  • France
  • Germany

For Gerpa, we lead a study on the differences and similarities in strategic foresight approaches between France and Germany in both private and public sectors. It was also a question of understanding the various meanings of the word future. This work was based on a literature review as well as on a large number of interviews in the German-speaking world.

Fondation Ricard (2017)

Strategic foresight research

  • Research
  • France
  • Scenarios
  • Horizon scanning

For the Ricard Foundation, we developed different scenarios for the evolution of the relationship with the holding, while respecting the DNA and challenges of these two entities. The aim was not only to audit the current situation but also to propose a perspective of creative evolution.

BIG (2015-2018)

Strategic foresight research

  • Strategic Foresight Research
  • Desk Research
  • Field Research
  • Delphi Survey
  • Expert Interview
  • Trend tours
  • Focus Group
  • Foresight Writing

With BIG (Breakthrough Innovation Group by Pernod Ricard), we led various 360-degree long-term researches on societal changes such as new retail, female empowerment, or distant togetherness. Our work went from defining the scope to analyzing results and drawing insights for a new strategy. Our research mixed desk, visual as well as field research: strategic watch, trend tours, expert interviews (Delphi method), focus group recruitment, and analysis.

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