Die Herausforderungen, bei denen Mycelium Foresight Studio helfen kann.

- Brauchen Sie einen klaren Überblick über die Richtungen und Trends in Ihrer Branche?
- Müssen Sie Ihre Teams schulen, damit sie sich auf die Zukunft einstellen können?
- Benötigen Sie qualitative und analytische Informationen zu einem bestimmten Bereich?
- Müssen Sie über die Umgestaltung Ihrer Institution nachdenken?
- Sie müssen die Ergebnisse Ihrer strategischen Vision verbreiten?
- Sie müssen einen Dienst für Monitoring oder strategische Vorausschau einrichten?

Wir antworten in vier Richtungen:

- Strategische vorausschauende Forschung
- Strategische Intelligenz
- Entwicklung von Szenarien
- Valorisierung der Ergebnisse einer strategischen Vorausschau

Die Ergebnisse sind so vielfältig wie Ihre Themen: Bericht, Film, Kurzvideo, Ausstellung, ein Parfüm oder eine Keynote. 
Vor einem Auftrag arbeiten wir mit Ihnen zusammen, um die für Ihre Ziele und Ihr Budget am besten geeignete Richtung zu bestimmen.
Mycelium kann ein Projekt in Zusammenarbeit mit einem der Mitglieder des mycelium-Netzwerks oder in Zusammenarbeit mit einer anderen auf Zukunftsforschung spezialisierten Organisation durchführen.

The deliverables are as diverses as your topics: report, film, short video, exhibition, a parfume or a keynote. 

Prior to an assignment, we work with you to determine the most appropriate direction to meet your goals and budget.
Mycelium can respond to a project in association with one of the members of the mycelium network or not, in association with another organization specialized in foresight.

Future Research.

What is Future Strategic Research?

It differs from the predictions of other disciplines (economics, demography, etc.) in three ways: 

  • First, we examine several trends at once.
  • Secondly, strategic foresight seeks to forge a holistic or systemic vision of the future by integrating the clues provided by a whole repertoire of different disciplines, most often the five axes : social, technological, economic, environmental and political.
  • Finally, it aims to test, and even debunk, the dominant prejudices.

In this way, future research goes beyond pure academic activity to become a tool for decision making. In other words, this is the part of our work that consists in looking far ahead for you. We discuss your issues, the areas of tension you want to explore and deliver reports or keynotes.

Scenario Building

Why are scenario useful beyond the movie industry?

Scenarios are narratives that describe how the future might unfold in the medium to long term. Scenarios explore how the future of a certain field of investigation would change if particular trends were to occur. Scenario building helps to manage uncertainty by anticipating not one but many possible futures.

The technique is useful when the number of factors to be considered and the degree of uncertainty are high. It stimulates strategic thinking and imagination beyond the so called creativity. A well-designed scenario allows an organization to become proactive, working specifically for the future it wants, rather than passively waiting for what the world will bring.

Strategic intelligence.

What is Strategic Intelligence?

Trend watch is a continuous and largely iterative activity aimed at actively monitoring the technological, commercial, economic, sociological, geopolitical, competitive, legal, regulatory and normative environment in order to anticipate changes. It is sometimes referred to as Horizon scanning, a technique whose objective is to detect the early signals of potentially important developments through a systematic examination of potential threats and opportunities.

We can also help you to develop your own monitoring system. We mainly address public institutions and our objective is to move away from complicated solution s to imagine a fast, efficient and proportionate solution. It must be useful and everyone must be able to take ownership of the results. We know how much this activity is neglected to the detriment of informed decision making so we will help to find an actionnable solution.

Valorization of strategic outcomes?

Why is the valorisation of Strategic Research outcomes important?

Mycelium can also assist you in valorizing the results of foresight work: graphic facilitation, dedicated website, publication, art direction for a moving format, comic strip, illustrations, story board (motion design, cartoon). The valorization is not to be neglected because it allows you to meet the stakeholders, to communicate a new vision, to instil a proactive state of mind towards the future, etc.